Entertainment With A Cause

Short Films

Movies have captivated our audiences like no other medium. The sights, sounds and the effects of the silver screens truly have a hold over our collective imaginations.While our feature film catalogue is noteworthy in itself, our team also understands when time is of the essence. With crisp editing and impactful writing also under Jagran Entertainment’s skill set, we possess the expertise to produce, direct and release short films as well.

At the end of the day, it is also about connecting with our communities and getting the right message across. We believe short that films are one of the most effective methods in our toolkit to spread and foster public awareness about issues and morality. Our projects, thus, portray this aspect in a remarkable manner, shining light on social values and positive growth that reflect on our society effectively.

This vertical also works well for producing a motion picture successfully in an economic manner. Compared to full length feature films, short movies and documentaries require far less capital to deliver the same punch. Our production house’s drive to maximize the use of your limited budget coupled with the desire to increase public understanding about deep social issues provides a unique partnership for Jagran Entertainment, to create meaningful short stories that connect with our audiences.


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